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From as long as Tacoma to Wallingford and above: They got the two booms heard across...Western Washington.

If you haven't by now read, two F-15 fighter jets broke the sound barrier flying up from what i read in Portland, scrambling in the wake of an aircraft broke the no-fly procedures for the duration of President Barack Obama's visit. You can read over all nearly it here.

The topic was right away trending on Twitter and Facebook in Seattle afterwards, the booms undergoing shocked a large amount of to underlying thought an explosion had happened or somewhat may undergo occurred to the president.

Everyone, of course, had to update all the friends on how properties too had just recently experienced the shockwaves. You know. Just to make sure properties got cool too.

Soon enough, as individuals at last found out no one was hurt, the overall thing became famous as Obooma, a slick play of idioms so resulted in the piece of posterity gold:

You can get your own properly here.

Of route being the nerd too I am, couldn't make it easier for but are certain on Street Fighter all day. I mean, sonic booms are the sort of worry overly recently reek of American innovation and awesome. The classic video game character Guile's signature move indicates us why:

Oh and for people of you who continually asked the Secret Service's capability to cover the president, in state of affairs the jets did not convince you:

Oh and hey, I gave the guys in at Sonic Boom Records a call to see if properties had anything and everything fun prepared to celebrate the occurence at the store. Maybe the employees got blasting the music a bit too loud, when they did not much knew up the event.

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