UFO Over Chinese Airport | ufo in china youtube daily motion

ufo over chinese airportI can't say UFO depicted which are claimed as true:

According to Earthfiles yesterday a couple of more photographs from different angles of the supposed UFO near Xiaoshan Airport in China were received. But only one photograph appeared in the media at the time. I think now, it seems like a couple of other photographs are surfacing and they are clear. I couldn’t say that these photographs are legit without having analyzed the originals and their meta data, so at this point we should all be skeptical of the images and cross-analyze them.

The lady Linda Howe from Earthfiles talks about the email with the photographs she received:

Now today on July 13, Neil Gould with Exopolitics Hong Kong sent me the following email and alleged photographs of the same aerial phenomenon over Hangzhou that closed the Xiaoshan Airport.

You can watch UFO Over Chinese Airport youtube video here




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