Samsung Galaxy S Mobile Technology Overflow and Review

Samsung Galaxy S what's the Touch:

The new Samsung Galaxy S is meant to be the Korean firm's big assault on the smartphone market - packing oodles of top end technology into a handset it thinks can take on the i Phione 4.

There is more than just top end technology in here to beat the iPhone – the chassis looks decidedly similar too, despite the much larger screen, which comes in at a whopping four inches.

The look and feel of the frame is also odd, but in a good way. It's nearly a millimetre thicker than the iPhone 4 but it doesn't feel it, thanks to the curved back great.

What i feel the downside of this construction is that it feels a little plasticky, which isn't the impression you're going for in a premium smartphone – but it is very light at only 118g. source: read more on galaxy s




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