Ed Thomas Arthur Ashe Mark Becker

Ed Thomas:

The man Ed Thomas and family received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in the 2010 ESPY Awards. You know ! who is Ed Thomas? Ed Thomas was the coach of Aplington-Parkersburg Football team in Iowa. He is the man who led the clean-up effort after a tornado hit the town of Parkersburg.

Arthur Robert Ashe:

Arthur Ashe a professional tennis player, born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He won three Grand Slam titles, during his career, putting him among the best ever from the U.S. Ashe, an African American is also remembered for his efforts to further social causes. read more

Mark Becker:

The man Mark Becker has been recognized as the person responsible for parkersburg shooting, who is 24 years old and killing Iowa High School football coach 58-year-old Ed Thomas, Mark Becker was a former student of Ed Thomas. He is the victim of the shooting, Ed Thomas was an athletic director of Aplington-Parkersburg High School. read more

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