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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Wedding Picture

Carrie Underwood-Mike Fisher wedding today (July 10) . As if they might already be officially married, and this fete in Georgia is just a big ol' reception. That could be, Hence there are so many things we DON'T know about the wedding. What I keep wondering is all the small details that kept me up at night about my own wedding. Like seating. I had one famous person at my wedding, and it was a huge struggle to figure out who to seat just him with. So at Underwood's reception, will Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell sit with one of Fisher's aunts or uncles? And who do you put Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with? Is Ryan Seacrest there? And who are Underwood's bridemaids and Fisher's groomsmen, if they have them? Do they have ring bearers? Did they write their own vows? Is she nervous? Is he? Who will give the first toast? I wonder who will catch the bouquet, and/or if the bride and groom will do the sexy garter-belt routine. Are they registered at Macy's, and honestly, what do you buy for a couple this wealthy? Will she take his name? I guess I am so full of questions because I have such an intense curiosity about how celebrities go through the same milestones and sacraments as we do. Because deep down, they are really just a man and a woman who fell in love, like so many other couples out there who fall in love every day.

Carrie Underwood Wedding Pictures




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